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Writing Skills Taught
I can guide you toward a writing style that is lively, compelling and completely your own by showing you how to make your points succinctly and powerfully to keep your reader engaged, the goal of any serious writer. Among the basic and finer points I teach are:

       • Conception - Conceiving the best subject matter possible and compiling the main ideas you want to
          explore, then honing them into concise points and organizing them into a logical, workable outline

       • Structure - Conveying information in an engrossing “story” format, with clear beginning, middle, and end

Targeting - Writing or speaking directly to your target audience with the precise content and style required

       • Strategy - Opening with a gripping “lead” to draw your audience in, revealing information in a
          strategic fashion to keep them hooked, and ending with a strong “kicker” that will linger after they finish

       • Accuracy - Writing or speaking in a clear, authoritative and engaging manner, free from embarrassing
         (and potentially damaging) errors of grammar, spelling and syntax

       • Style - Selecting the most concise and powerful words for maximum impact and blending short sentences
          with lyrical, longer ones, to create cadences readers appreciate

       • Professionalism - Avoiding slang, jargon or vague language and repetition of words, phrases and ideas,
          and eliminating all words and phrases that slow down your writing, to keep it taut and crisp

       • Perseverance - Preparing to write, rewrite, edit and re-edit your written or spoken word into a highly
          polished product that will get the job done - and make you proud

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