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Types of Clients Served

My services are available - at competitive rates based on each client's goals and requirements -
for the following individuals:

Business Owners and Executives

Writing effective business plans

Creating powerful, unified marketing and PR materials for small businesses and startups

Writing pitch letters to prospective clients that will get noticed – and help land the deal

Issuing press releases that command attention in a crowded, competitive media market

Submitting Op-Eds, essays, opinion pieces and related articles to magazines, newspapers and online outlets

Creating and managing a blog to boost website traffic and generate more business

Preparing to speak to the media, at conferences, seminars, client meetings etc.

Non-Profit Managers

Creating powerful and distinctive grant proposals

Writing positions papers, Op-Eds, Letters to the Editor, white papers and other public communications

Improving newsletters, annual reports, website content and major donor appeals

Writing letters and other supporting materials to elected officials, regulators, VIPs, etc.

Preparing to speak to the media, at conferences, seminars, client meetings etc.

Writers, Bloggers and Others

Helping aspiring authors of fiction and nonfiction to get their proposal and manuscript in shape for submission to agents and publishers

Advising on self publishing and generating media attention

Coaching for bloggers, essayists, short-story writers, memoirists, etc.

Assisting with submitting articles, short stories and manuscripts for publication

Writing personal communications that require special sensitivity and finesse

Graduate and Undergraduate Students

Help with planning, drafting and writing papers in all subjects

Help with composition, creative writing and other English assignments

Expert advice and guidance on planning and preparing theses and dissertations

High School Students

Preparation of a memorable, expertly crafted, all-important college admissions essay that will tell a terrific story and stick out from the pack. Grades and SAT scores will not set most students apart - only a deeply engaging essay can do that.

One-on-one tutoring in basic grammar, reading comprehension, spelling, etc.

Help with English composition assignments, including essays, book reports, short stories

General assistance for English as a Second Language students (I am fluent in Spanish)


COMING SOON: Writing Webinars

This spring and summer, I will hold online seminars and classes for writers of various genres. Please let me know via email if you are interested in signing up for any of the following Webinars:

Writing a work of non-fiction: From book proposal to book launch and beyond

How to pitch and write magazine and newspaper articles

Writing the perfect business plan

Successful grant writing for non-profits

Blogging to promote your work as a writer

How to get an agent

Short story writing for beginners

Secrets to a successful college admissions essay 

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