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                       ~College Essay Help~

I offer high-quality, one-on-one guidance via phone or Skype to help walk high school seniors and their parents through the daunting labyrinth that is the college essay process. With more than 30 years in NY publishing, journalism, PR and public speaking, I help students put their best face forward when applying to top universities.

In particular, I can:

■ Guide students through the process of the long-form college essay – from selecting a topic to developing a
    premise, to completing a polished,finished product - every word written by them -  that rises above the pack
    and opens doors for them at the very best schools.

■ Teach them how to complete the difficult and surprisingly critical short- form questionnaires succinctly and
    powerfully, for maximum favorable impression.

■ Help them practice for the written portion of the SAT.

On a related note, I understand what admissions officers are are looking for – and what makes these gatekeepers cringe. I have interviewed admissions officers at five top schools: UC Berkeley, University of Chicago, NYU, Northeastern and George Mason University, and published an article on their wonderful tips and insights.

Students need to understand that, on this occasion, style counts as much as content, if not more. And they must select and develop their essay topic very carefully, or else they're out - even with good grades and test scores.

Of course, I also offer high school and college students one-on-one coaching on a variety of writing assignments: everything from book reports, to PhD dissertations, to professionally published manuscripts and articles.

As a contributor to The Huffington Post and TakePart.com, I am constantly writing essays, most of them under 1,000 words. I know how to pack a lot of information into a little space.

Thank you for your consideration, best wishes, and best of luck.

David Kirby                   

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