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                                 Major Nominations for Death at SeaWorld

I am honored to announce that St. Martin’s Press has nominated Death at SeaWorld  for a large number of 2013 book awards and prizes, including the Pulitzer Prize and several major environmental and investigative journalism awards. I am truly grateful to St. Martin’s for this recognition, and for being such a world-class publishing house that supports its authors with energy and élan. Included among the nominations are:

2013 Pulitzer Prize for General Nonfiction

2013 PEN/John Kenneth Galbraith Award for Nonfiction

The Robert F. Kennedy Book Award, 2013  

2013 Investigative Editors and Publishers (IRE) Award for Best Book

2013 New York Public Library Helen Bernstein Book Award for Excellence in Journalism

Rachel Carson Environment Book Award, Society of Environmental Journalists, 2013

J. Anthony Lukas Book Prize, Graduate School of Journalism at Columbia University and the Nieman Foundation for Journalism at Harvard, 2013

The 2013 Orion Book Award

TakePart Nominations for Two Awards from the Society of Environmental Journalists:

CATEGORY #1 = Outstanding In-Depth Reporting, Large Market. These are the five stories submitted:

1) What Happened to Nakai: SeaWorld Orca Missing Huge Chunk of Chin (9.28.12)


2) Seven Reasons Killer Whales Should Never Be Held in Captivity (11.1.12)


3) EXCLUSIVE: SeaWorld Appeals Ruling in Trainer's Death as Eyewitness Interviews Are Released (11.21.12)


4) The Real SeaWorld: Seeing Wild Orcas Is Better…and Cheaper


5) Whales and Dolphins Aren't the Only Victims of Marine Park No-Whales In-Captivity http://www.takepart.com/article/2013/01/27/whales-and-dolphins-arent-only-victims-mammal-captivity

Category #2: Outstanding Feature Story

Why We Can't Rescue Every Dolphin



• The New York Times
  Bestsellers List, April 2005 – Evidence of Harm

• Best Book 2005, Investigative Reporters and Editors (IRE) - Evidence of Harm

"Like so many scientific controversies involving complex science and big business," IRE judges wrote, "the topic is controversial. Kirby's careful and meticulous reporting is exemplary in its balance, accuracy and documentation.”

• Finalist, NY Public Library Helen Bernstein Award for Excellence in Journalism, 2005 – Evidence of Harm

Established in 1988 the Bernstein Book Award is given annually "to a journalist whose work has brought public attention to important issues.”

• Best Science and Nature Writing 2012

An article published in Discover Magazine, “Made in China: Our Toxic, Imported Air Pollution” was chosen for The Best American Science and Nature Writing 2012, edited and with an Introduction by Dan Ariely; (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, October 2012).

• Best Books of 2012 - Columbus Post DispatchDeath at SeaWorld

“Investigative journalist Kirby examines several deaths caused by killer whales at theme parks and makes a convincing case that the animals don’t belong in captivity.”

• #1 Readers Poll Choice for Summer Books —Wall Street Journal Online - Death at SeaWorld

• One of the Summer’s Most Anticipated Releases —Apple I-Bookstore- Death at SeaWorld

• Best Achievement in Cetacean Advocacy 2012Digital Journal - Death at SeaWorld

“For the first time, Kirby’s thorough investigation pulled all of SeaWorld's tragic history under one umbrella and presented it to the public in a digestible format. Said one cetacean advocate, "the book proved to be the referral bible for us activists.”

• Top 12 Vegan Books of 2012 – VegNews – Death at SeaWorld

“Probably the most unexpected book on this list, investigative journalist David Kirby set out to write a fair and balanced story showing both sides of the marine mammal captivity issue and came away with a scathing report critical of keeping whales in swimming pools. This is journalism at its best.”

• NYC Council Proclamation, March 2. 2006

“Through his dedication to journalism, Mr. Kirby has shown a true understanding and commitment to the people of our great City and Nation. David Kirby is a man who exemplifies all that is best in the human spirit: abundant generosity, selfless dedication, the development of one’s intellect to help nurture and educate others and a commitment to the values that most forcefully strengthen community bonds."

• Person of the Year, 2005 – Spectrum Magazine

"While Kirby is always modest of his 'hero' status, the reality is his work with Evidence of Harm has earned him accolades from the autism community, his peers and even his critics." At the time, Spectrum was the nation's oldest and largest magazine dedicated to stories about autism spectrum disorder.



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