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Award-Winning Journalist and Bestselling Author Will
Coach You to Write and Speak Like a Professional

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                           ~PRIVATE COACHING VIA PHONE, SKYPE & EMAIL~
             In-Person Coaching Available for Media Training and Select NYC Clients

I am a journalist, author and editor with nearly 30 years of experience, including at The New York Times, Huffington Post and TakePart.com. I have published three award-winning books and written for universities, corporations, production companies, the United Nations and others. I have also appeared on many national radio and TV outlets.

I offer customized coaching to individuals or small groups seeking to improve their writing, speaking and/or media skills - whether for school, business or pleasure. I work with writers and speakers at all skill levels to meet their goals and abilities

I am eager to share my knowledge by walking you through each step of the daunting process. I’ll show you how to craft professional, engaging writing that gets results. I can also teach you how to speak forcefully and eloquently about your writing - or any other topic - to the media or in front of live audiences.

I don't ghostwrite or rewrite your material. Instead, I will help you (or your high school and college-age children) become the best writer or speaker you can be: in your own words, your own voice, and your own style.

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